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Why Lizzo, Neon Lights and Glastonbury? Cuz We Love You!

Lizzo went all out neon at Glastonbury this year and the result was her performance being shouted out as one of the most effervescent, joyful and feel good of the entire festival.

There’s no question that Lizzo’s stage set was key to creating her vibe and deservedly its become one of the most talked about at Glastonbury this year. By choosing to replicate neon lights, she made her stage as visually compelling and upbeat as her sound. Lizzo’s life affirming music and the vibrancy of neon lights are a match made in heaven. Bright, colourful, authentic, iconic and unashamedly shouting their message from the rooftops, neon lights are Lizzo in electric form.


lizzo neon signs glastonbury festival

We all know that  both Lizzo and neon lights are instantly recognisable, but what is it about neon that makes it so for music festivals?

Well, neon lights are made of glass which is bent to shape and then filled with neon or argon gas. All by hand. This is gives them certain special qualities:


The diameter and curve of the strokewidth is always the same, the design has to be relatively simple and there are always gaps between sections of glass.

The gas in neon lights illuminates when electrified to give a luminescence that cannot be achieved by any other form of light.

They flash and animate in sections giving then a retro stylised vibe.


This is what makes neon lights unique and was exemplified throughout Lizzo’s set.

As well as using traditional neon writing, Lizzo took inspiration from classic motel signs to bring her own message to flashing neon light. She also incorporated timeless animated arrows, red light district signs and slot machine symbols to capture the atmosphere.

LED neon lights can replicate real neon by emulating all of these features and graphics can do the same on a large scale as Lizzo proved. Nothing however beats the real thing!

lizzo glastonbury neon signs

Neon lights can be used in various ways during live music performances. Here are a few examples if you’re feeling inspired by Lizzo:

Neon Stage Backdrop

Neon lights or designs can be used as a backdrop for the stage, creating a visually striking focal point just as Lizzo’s tour team decided to do. The neon lights can be customised to display the band’s name, logo, or other relevant visuals, adding a personalised touch to the performance.


Neon Stage Lighting

Neon lights can be strategically placed around the stage to serve as part of the lighting setup. They can be used to create ambient lighting effects, accentuating specific areas of the stage, or illuminating the musicians from different angles.


Neon Set Decorations

Neon lights can be used as decorative elements on stage, either as standalone pieces or integrated into the set design. They can be arranged in unique shapes or patterns to create a visually captivating environment that complements the music.


Neon Performance Props

Neon props, such as glowing musical instruments, can be used during specific songs or moments in the performance to add an extra visual element. For example, a guitarist might play a neon-lit guitar solo or a singer could hold a glowing microphone.


Venue Decoration

Neon lights can be used to decorate the venue itself, creating a cohesive atmosphere throughout the space. They can be placed at the entrance, on walls, or even hung from the ceiling to set the mood and build anticipation as the audience enters the venue.

When incorporating neon lighting into live music gigs, it’s essential to consider the technical aspects such as power requirements, safety regulations, and coordination with the venue’s lighting team. Collaborating with professional lighting designers or production crews can help ensure a seamless integration of neon lighting effects into the live performance.

So why are we focusing on Lizzo, neon lights and Glastonbury? Cuz we totally love you!!

lizzo blame neon lights glastonbury


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