Lights are for internal use only unless specified.

Lights are not suitable for use by children.

Ensure lights are unplugged from the mains whilst changing bulbs.

Some LED bulbs and products may retain an electric charge for a period of time even when unplugged.  Do not touch the plug’s metallic prongs after unplugging your light, as is normal with many LED products.

Suitable replacement bulbs are available from Carousel Lights.

Do not spill water or other liquids on the lights.

Ensure that transformers are located an appropriate distance from light.

Neon glass is fragile and suitable care must be taken.

Do not remove the backplate or tamper with the electrical fittings unless you are certified to do so.

Beware that light bulbs and the surrounding metalwork will get hot when the light is turned on.

On rusted products beware that rust may rub off onto hands, clothing and paintwork so please handle with due care.

Beware of sharp edges on the lights, especially on metalwork.

Lights may be heavy and therefore beware of dropping them and injuring yourself.

Only use the bulbs recommended for this product.

Carousel Lights Ltd accepts no responsibility, and is not liable, for any damage or injury caused by tampering, playing or any other general use of any of its products.

Why Choose Carousel Lights
Sophie Ellis Bextor testimonial

"The light looks INCREDIBLE! We are so happy with it and I really appreciate how beautifully made it is." Sophie

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Singer

Barclaycard Arena testimonial

"A HUGE thank-you! You'ce created such a 'wow-factor' light installation that's far better than we could ever have imagined. Everyone has been so professional and helpful every step of the way!"

Event Manager NEC Barclaycard Arena

Harvey Nichols testimonial

Thank you so much for the light - it looked AMAZING! We've decided to keep it up and it'll no doubt stay there!

Event Manager Harvey Nichols

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