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Outdoor Neon Signs

As the UK’s leading supplier of neon signs for outdoor use, we’ve got years of experiencing that will enable us to bring your outdoor neon signage projects to life.

Offering real neon signs (glass), Neon SuperFlex (LED flex) and NeonUltra® (LEDs and acrylic), we can offer all three neon options in an outdoor variant.

Award-Winning Outdoor Neon Signs

Can real neon signs be used outdoors?

The short answer – absolutely. The slightly longer answer – there are several things we need to consider to make sure they’re suitable for exterior use. The neon glass sections themselves are absolutely fine for exterior use, and have been used in such a way for many years. We produce the neon glass tubes in exactly the same way, whether their final home is internal or external. It is however important that you tell us at the start of the project that your neon sign will be located outside, s we’ll need to do things a little differently as the work progresses.

Can replica faux neon be used outdoors?

Again, the short answer is yes, absolutely. We offer two replica neon products – Neon Ultra® and Neon SuperFlex. Neon Ultra® is extremely robust, being made from solid 30mm opal acrylic internally illuminated with high-efficiency LEDs. When finished, this product is sealed with silicon to make sure it withstands the elements and the neon can then be used in an exterior location.

How are outdoor neon signs made?

The real neon glass is produced in exactly the same way as when we make neon signs for indoor use. The main difference between indoor and outdoor neons is in the transformer which we use. Our Siet neon transformers are all outdoor rated, meaning that they can be safely located outside and don’t need to be put into any additional housing. Not all of the smaller electronic Hansen neon transformers are rated for outdoor use, so we tend to use Siet transformers for neon signage that has been specified for outdoor use.

Outdoor neon sign installation

The process is exactly the same as for installing neon signs internally – the main difference is normally that access can be more difficult. for example, we may be installing a neon sign on the exterior fascia of a building. The other key difference is often the final connection to the mains power supply for an outdoor neon sign. These are very simple things to manage just so long as we’re aware of the exterior location of your neon from the start of the project.

Do outdoor neon signs need to be brighter?

We often find that outdoor neon signs require the ability to be dimmed more than indoor neons. The change in ambient brightness is obviously far more pronounced in exterior settings – direct sunshine through to total darkness – so we can supply exterior-rated neon simmers for your neon signage.

Anything else you need to know?!

Not really tbh! As soon as you’ve got some sort of idea of what type of neon design you’d like, give us a bell and we can get started on your super-cool neon signage!

Where can neon signs be used?

We produce neon lights for a wide range of sectors, varying from hotels, restaurants and nightclubs to art galleries, music festivals and for famous artists and celebrities. One of the most popular uses for our neon signs is for famous brands to replicate their logo as a neon light for promotional photoshoots.

What colours can I get?

Neon lights are available in a broad range of colours and the colour of neon in a photo may not necessarily accurately represent the colour of the neon light in ‘real life’. Contact us for more information about the colours available.

How long does a neon light last?

Neon lights can last for decades but as with any other type of light, it depends how much it’s used.

Are neon lights dimmable?

Yes, but the brightness is set directly with the transformer when the neon is first installed so once set it then remains at that level of brightness. We have preferred suppliers with years of experience who will set it to your perfect level when they install it.

How does a neon light work?

A neon light is a general term as neon lights actually use either neon or argon gas. A glass tube is filled with either of these gases and electrical connections are fitted at either end. A high voltage is then applied which ionizes the gas, causing it to emit coloured light due to fluorescence. Different colours are created through different methods: (i) neon appears red-orange and argon appears pale blue and (ii) clear glass tubes are coated on the inside with a fluorescent powder that emits different colours.

Is neon fragile?

Neon lights are made using glass tubing so yes, they’re relatively fragile. If they’re likely to hang in a vulnerable place, they can be mounted in perspex to protect them from breakage.

Can neon be repaired?

Yes. Damaged glass can either be repaired or sections replaced. Each break is different so give us a call and we’ll help you out.

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Sophie Ellis Bextor testimonial

"The light looks INCREDIBLE! We are so happy with it and I really appreciate how beautifully made it is." Sophie

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Singer

Barclaycard Arena testimonial

"A HUGE thank-you! You'ce created such a 'wow-factor' light installation that's far better than we could ever have imagined. Everyone has been so professional and helpful every step of the way!"

Event Manager NEC Barclaycard Arena

Harvey Nichols testimonial

Thank you so much for the light - it looked AMAZING! We've decided to keep it up and it'll no doubt stay there!

Event Manager Harvey Nichols

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