bespoke lighting ideas for your home

Stunning home lighting ideas

For over a decade we’ve been working with home owners, designers and architects to create bespoke lights for your home. We’re brimming with ideas for your home lighting and are based here in the UK to help you bring your projects to life.

Working a broad range of lightsources, all of our custom lights are made here in the UK, meaning we can turn projects around very quickly, whether it’s one-off luminaires or larger quantaties..

Cool home lighting ideas

As the UK’s most trusted family business for bespoke home lighting, we have over a decade of experience working with home owners, designers, architects, developers and contractors to bring their custom decorative lighting ideas to life. Working with a wide range of materials, we combine metals, composites, acrylic and timber with LEDs, neon, fairground lights and lightboxes to bring your bespoke lighting ideas to fruition. We can work with a detailed specification of a simple conceptual brief and look forward to helping you with your home lighting.

Your bespoke lights. Your way.

With all of our decorative lights being completely bespoke, practically anything is possible. If you want inspiration then we can send you lots of photos and ideas to help you hone down what you’d like. We design and produce bespoke lights for homes all across the UK, so feel free to tell us your favourite colours and we can consider how they fit into your existing colour scheme. You can also share with us any family phrases you have, favourite memories, things that make you smile or designs that you already have. Our team are leading experts in home lighting and we’ll work with you or your designer to bring your lighting ideas to life.

Bespoke Home Lighting made easy.

All you really need to do is share your lighting ideas with us. We’ll then make the magic happen. We’ll ask you relevant questions to understand your ideas, and will then share designs and options. We’ll work with you to make sure the lighting you finally choose is absolutely right for you. Our team of designers will draw on their expertise to create ideas for you, and we’ll lead the way. You don’t need to have any previous experience in commissioning custom lights for your home.

The importance of bespoke Home Lighting

Bespoke home lighting plays a crucial role in enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of homes, and more than that – putting your own personal stamp on your home. Beyond basic illumination, it creates a captivating ambiance, transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones. With careful craft your home lighting ideas will become stunning focal points, adding character and elegance to any room. They can highlight architectural features, artwork, or decor, creating visual interest and depth. Additionally, well-placed bespoke residential lighting promotes a sense of comfort and well-being. By incorporating a variety of lighting techniques, such as accent, ambient, and task lighting, homeowners can create versatile environments, adapting to different moods and activities.

The finer details

As well as discussing the exciting design elements of your custom lighting project, we’ll also discuss the finer details that will ensure it looks absolutely stunning when pride of place in your home. The location of controller, cable colour, cable length and fixing points are all part of this process.

Bespoke lighting installation

We work with specialist installers who are able to install your customer designer lights for you, but specialist installation isn’t always necessary. In fact, more often than not it can be undertaken by a handyman or electrician. It can often be the case too that tradespeople already onsite are able to undertake the install for you.

Still got questions

Even thought the process of comissioning your own custom lighting ideas is pretty simple, designer lighting is an investment that will last a long time, so these questions may help answer some of your queries. If not, feel free to contact us!

Can I customise the design of my lights to match my home decor?

Yes, when buying custom lights for your home, you can often personalise the design to complement your existing decor. As custom lighting manufacturers we offer a wide range of options, allowing you to choose materials, finishes, and styles that align with your unique preferences and interior design theme.

How do I ensure that the custom lights will fit and function properly in my space?

To ensure a proper fit and functionality, it is crucial to provide accurate measurements of the area where the lights will be installed. We’ll ask plenty of questions too 🙂

Can I incorporate energy-efficient options into my custom lighting design?

Absolutely! Energy efficiency is a key consideration when designing custom lighting solutions. LED lighting, for instance, offers significant energy savings and longevity compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. Discuss your desire for energy-efficient options with us and we’ll guide you through various eco-friendly lighting choices.

Do you offer real neon and relica LED neon?


Will you need to do a site visit?

We can do if we need to, but it’;s not normally necessary.

Can neon be repaired?

Yes. Damaged glass can either be repaired or sections replaced. Each break is different so give us a call and we’ll help you out.

The simple 6 step process

It’s easier than you think

1. Your bright idea

Let us know your initial thoughts

2. A few questions

We’ll need some more details before we begin

3. The proposal

We’ll share our initial designs with you

4. Give it the thumbs up

Delighted with our design? Great – it’s time to pay

5. Let’s get to work!

We’ll start producing your design

6. Delivering the goods

Your design delivered to your door

Sophie Ellis Bextor testimonial

"The light looks INCREDIBLE! We are so happy with it and I really appreciate how beautifully made it is." Sophie

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Singer

Barclaycard Arena testimonial

"A HUGE thank-you! You'ce created such a 'wow-factor' light installation that's far better than we could ever have imagined. Everyone has been so professional and helpful every step of the way!"

Event Manager NEC Barclaycard Arena

Harvey Nichols testimonial

Thank you so much for the light - it looked AMAZING! We've decided to keep it up and it'll no doubt stay there!

Event Manager Harvey Nichols

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