Kickstarter Launch

Carousel Lights was born today as our romantic quest to bring back the magic of the fair came to life with this website and through Kickstarter, the creative funding site.  Both showcase our stunning first product, Waltzer, which takes inspiration from a fairground ride introduced at the height of the Art Deco era.  It is the first in a series of lights inspired by iconic fairground rides of the past.

After months of research, design and development we are thrilled to be launching Waltzer, and giving life to this company we feel so passionately about.

Kickstarter is a fantastic site which gives you access to some unique rewards and is helping us bring our latest designs to life.

Back us on Kickstarter now to get your hands on a piece of history and help us build a brighter, more magical future.

Update: Kickstarter have made us their No.1 choice for Design projects Globally. This has made us quite happy (is that an slight understatement?!).

30th July 2013
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