Carousel Lights enters The Royal Academy

Okay, not quite as artists in our own right yet, but we’ve created the headline for their new Mavericks exhibition which has just opened.

It’s an installation that takes a colourful look at twelve maverick architects who have helped shape the course of British history. They include James Wyatt, Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Zaha Hadid who have all defied convention and broken the mould.

What defines these men, and what the exhbition so wonderfully demonstrates, is their celebration of the original and unorthodox and their work at the leading edge of design. We’d ilke to think we have a little pinch of that ourselves and are thrilled to lead you to their way. We salute them!

27th November 2014
Bombshell alert!
25th April 2016
He said “Yes!”

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