Neon Angel Wings

How to: Commission your own neon Angel Wings

We were asked to design and produce our first set of angel wings several years ago, long before they were ‘a thing’. We made them with our famous Neon Ultra® product, and even though we say it ourselves, they looked absolutely awesome.

Since then, we’ve been asked to design and produce other sets of angel wings so we thought it was high-time for a deep dive!

When it comes to creating a unique and eye-catching masterpiece, especially if you’re thinking of using them for selfie lights on your socials, neon angel wings stand out from the busy crowd as being simple but stunning. Choosing the right sign company for such a project involves careful consideration of various factors to ensure your vision comes to life in a dazzling display of light and artistry. We like to think we’re the best, but that’s for you to decide not us.

Conceptualisation and Design

The first step in bringing your neon angel wings to life is to conceptualise and design the piece itself. Work closely with the sign company’s design team to articulate your vision, taking into account factors such as size, shape, colour scheme and overall aesthetic. Consider whether you want a realistic depiction of angel wings or a more abstract and artistic interpretation. One of the most important considerations is how the images will be used and where the wings will be located. As an example, if the wings are being located at a busy exhibition then you’ll need them to be quote brightly illuminated so they’re visible in the exhibition hall. If on the other hand they’re being located in the VIP room of a club then you’ll need them to be able to be dimmed right down so they look perfect when selfies are taken in front of them. If you tell us this at the outset then we’ll be able to get them just right for you.

Sign Material Selection

Real neon signs are crafted using glass tubes filled with neon gas or argon gas. The choice of glass colour and coating will significantly impact the final appearance of your angel wings. Clear, coloured, or phosphor-coated glass can be used to achieve different visual effects. Discuss these options with the sign company to find the combination that best suits the mood and atmosphere you envision for your piece. More and more’ we’re using neon alternatives such as Neon Ultra® or Neon SuperFlex – both of which mimic real neon to a degree but whilst not being the real deal, offer advantages. You can dim both of these options down to a very low option, as well as being able to colour-change or totally animate them.

Size and Placement

Consider where the neon angel wings will be displayed and determine the appropriate size accordingly. Whether intended for indoor or outdoor use, the dimensions of the wings will play a crucial role in their impact. If you want a halo too, you need to think about how high to position it as you’ll have people standing in front of it ranging from 5ft to 6”4 tall.

Power and Energy Efficiency

Neon signs obviously require electricity to illuminate, and considerations of power consumption and energy efficiency are important. Discuss the power requirements of your neon angel wings with the sign company to ensure that the installation is both effective and sustainable. LED alternatives are slightly cheaper to run. Either way, a source of power is required for any of these options.

Customisation and Personalisation

Every set of angel wings is unique, and your neon sign should reflect your personal style and preferences. We’ll discuss customisation options such as incorporating additional elements like your brand colours or graphics to make your neon angel wings truly one-of-a-kind. Attention to these details will ensure that the final product hit your brief and creates the impact that you set out to achieve.

Budget Considerations

Finally, it’s essential to discuss your budget with us early in the process. Neon signs can vary significantly in cost based on factors such as size, complexity, and materials used. By establishing a clear budget from the outset, you can work collaboratively with the sign company to make informed decisions that align with your financial parameters. It won’t make any impact on the price that we quote you but it will mean that we can help you achieve the most possible for your specific budget.

Animated Angel Wings – We can pre-programme these to animate however you wish. Whether that’s colour, speed or appearance.

If you want any help with the design then we recommend heading to Design Rush to search for a suitable agency.

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