Presenting Turbolight

Every now and then we like to do something different. The essence of Carousel Lights is a range of lighting installations which are inspired by iconic fairground rides from the past. We’ve got Waltzer, Satellite and Helter Skelter in the range so far, along with a couple of others up our sleeve that are more than likely to give these three a run for their money.

Having said that, sometimes we want something as simple as possible. Something that’s really unusual and is likely to become a bit of a talking point in your home or office.

With that in mind we’ve developed ‘Turbolight’, a clean crisp light that will sit pride-of-place; perhaps for a bit of mood lighting, perhaps to inspire your very own lightbulb moment, or perhaps to remind you of the creativity and quality of British design and manufacturing.


The Turbolight consists of a 60mm diameter ‘cabochon’ cap – the traditional light covering used on fairground rides and piers across the UK – sitting on a zinc-coated steel base.

Inside the cap sits an LED lamp which omits and clean crisp light and which is powered by a standard 240v UK plug fitting. This is a low heat, low energy bulb which is perfect for leaving on 24 hours a day if you never want your light to fade.

We’ve got various cabochon colours available so if you’d rather something different from those shown here then drop us a line and try us. Go on.

Turbolights cost £65 + p&p and are available if you drop us a note with the colour you’d like. We’ll get straight back to you.