How to make your own Letter Lights

With both the Wedding and Festival seasons moving into full swing, we’re getting asked how to make letter lights for people who just want the Fairground Lights to then DIY. Well we can help!

Well the good news is it’s actually pretty easy. All you need is:

  • Item that you want to add lights too, such as “LOVE” cut from plywood.
  • Fairground Cabochons & Spike Fitting for your Letter Lights
  • LEDs & Transformer
  • Trirated cable – this sounds far more complex than it is. It’s basically just single core cable.
  • 2 or 3 core (3 core if you’re using metal) Cable & plug.

What’s the Process for adding Fairground Cabochons to Letter Lights?

  1. The first thing to do is decide what size Fairground cabochons you want to use for your Letter Lights. The options are either 45mm or 60mm diameter at their widest point.
  2. Next, drill holes through the panel on which you want your Fairground Lights to sit. The panel must be 8mm or less in thickness. The hole size must be 20mm diameter for the 60mm (E14) cabochons or 16mm diameter for the 45mm (E10) cabochons.
  3. Push the appropriate (E10 or E14) spike fitting through the hole from the rear and screw a cabochon onto the face, thus fixing both the cabochon and fitting firmly to your item.
  4. With the back of your item facing you, lay a length of tri-rated cable along each of one side of each spike fitting and then do the same with a second length of cable along the other spike fittings. Screw the compression nuts onto each fitting, thus securing the cable down on the spike and making the connection.
  5. Connect the end of each of those cables to the 24V output of the Transformer and then connect the 240V input cables to a plug.
  6. Turn your Letters over, put 24V LEDs into the cabochons and screw on the cabochon lids.
  7. Plug it in and hey presto, your Letter Lights are the brightest star in the show!


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