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Helter Skelter Style

Helter Skelter is the oldest fairground ride in Carousel Lights’ range so it’s no surprise that the Helter Skelter style of light mimics this ancestory with it’s aged appearance. While some of the styles in the Carousel Lights stable are sleek steels and paintwork, Helter Skelter is far from it. This style draws inspiration from the seaside, and as such, a mixture of salt, water, sun and wind have led to a light that looks like it’s taken more than its fair share of battering from the elements, but has somehow stood to tell the tale – and looks all the better for it. The Helter Skelter style of light is vintage lighting at is most simple and brutal best, and this is a must-have light if you’re looking for something aged, weathered and rustic.

Heritage & Design

The first time the name ‘Helter Skelter’ was given to a fairground ride was in 1906 when the ride was revealed at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. The name’s meaning is
in confused, disorderly haste
which is representative of the spiral slide that appears to be clinging precariously onto the cone-shaped tower. Helter Skelter rides were conceived from the concept of a lighthouse, and as such, not only are they simple tower-shapes, but they were originally located at fairs and parks with a seaside location. Whilst the first UK ride was seen in Blackpool the ride initially appeared at Coney Island, USA. The Helter Skelter style of light draws heritage from this lighthouse inspiration, with the material used being a high-quality rusted steel which is reflective of the battering from the elements that the lighthouses, and associated riders, would have to weather during the course of their lifetime. The individual lamps sit protected by a rusted side return in recognition of the sides of the slide that held you safely in place as you descended the ride. Click here to contact us if you’re interested in being the proud owner of a Helter Skelter.