Dodgem is all about creating neon lights. Once you’ve chosen the shape of neon light that you’d like, we powdercoat it a gunmetal grey and then run a stunning line of neon through the middle of each character. Neon is a light source that has stood the test of time and is as eye-catching and stunning as ever.


Dodgem Neon Lights

Features of Dodgem style

  • Neon lights
  • Dark grey painted steel
  • From £545

Dodgem Neon Lights


  • Illuminated letters
  • Illuminated numbers
  • Illuminated shapes

Dodgem Style Neon


Height Options for Dodgem Style Neon Lights

All illuminated letters, numbers and shapes are available in either 350mm or 800mm high. For the arrow, these sizes apply to the width of the shape.

Dodgem Style Neon Lights

Perhaps you want to write the words “MARRY ME” in you own hand-writing in neon or maybe you’ve been sent a very special letter that you’d now like to recreate part of as a neon light? We can create pieces that ensure special memories live on in a unique eye-catching form and can also different sizes of neon as well as a whole range of different colours. If you’d rather a painted background as opposed to polished steel then that’s not a problem either.

Everybody’s been on Dodgem cars and we’ve all had varying degrees of sideways shunts and neck-jerking crashes.

We therefore all know that Dodgem rides are known for their excess of colour and vibrancy, with a dazzling mix of lights and paintwork on the cars combining with the electric current passing through the ceiling into the chassis to propel the cars. Occasionally a spark would be thrown off the top of your ‘aerial’ as the car made a connection with the electrified ceiling, and once in a blue moon, you’d actually understand how the steering worked and manage to get your bumper car to go in reverse.

The floor on which the cars travelled was a steel construction that would often reflect the lighting from the ceiling and the confusion of the lights, sounds and collisions was all part and parcel of this adrenaline-fuelled ride.

In order to stay true to the roots of the classic Dodgem ride, this style of light has neon lighting that is mounted onto a highly polished steel base. This light makes a bold statement and is the brightest, brashest and arguably the most eye-catching in the entire Carousel Lights range.

Dodgem Style Neon Lights

Dodgem Style Neon Lights

Heritage & Design

Although the Witching Waves at Blackpool’s Pleasurebeach was an early version of the dodgem cars, this 1913 ride wasn’t actually considered the first ride to hit the UK shores. That event occurred in 1928 when the Lusse Brothers introduced the first official Dodegm ride into the UK through 3 patents for Dodgem electrical apparatus, Dodgem Car power unit & Dodgem Car improved bumper. Interesting heh? Well, I guess it is if you love fairgrounds as much as us.

The design of the Dodgem style is not only unique from the other style of lights in the fact that it employs neon, but also in the degree of customisation that’s possible. As with all other styles, Dodgem lights can be bought in a range of off-the-shelf sizes (500mm high or 1m high) and styles (alphabet and numerical characters as well as Heart, Star and Arrow) but there’s something even more fascinating about dodgem: we can shape the neon to any style that you like.

So if you’re wondering if something’s really possible or not, then just assume it is and try us.