We're cool. apparently.

Officially a ‘Cool Brand 2015/16’

We have some news. Some BIG news. It’s news that we’re very proud of. We’ve been informed that Carousel Lights has been officially designated a ‘Cool Brand 2015-16’. And when you see what it takes to achieve this badge of honour you’ll see that it’s not just any old award.

How did we become a ‘Cool Brand’?

No money exchanged hands nor did we persuade more of our friends to vote for us than other brands managed to rustle up. What actually happened was an expert panel of judges decided that we hit certain criteria whilst a public panel also voted to ratify their judgment.


 We spend day after day walking around fairgrounds and seaside piers getting inspiration for lights. We spend hours researching the EXACT colour that Charles Thurston used on his first ever Waltzer ride because we’ve got a great idea for a light based on that ride but it needs to be spot on. More than that, it HAS to be spot on. ‘Good enough’ isn’t good enough. Everything we do comes with deep thought and creativity. Authenticity underpins everything we do, as does Innovation and Originality. If others judge that that has led to Desirability then I guess there you have it.

What does it mean to be a ‘Cool Brand’?

For us it means several things:

  • It means an expert panel think there’s something slightly special about us.
  • It means we keep rather quite prestigious company. There aren’t many of us so it’s a pretty neat little club to be part of.
  • It means our lights are deemed to be Original, Innovative, Authentic & Desirable.
  • It means our trips to Brighton Pier & Boston Mayfair, all under the guise of work, can be retrospectively justified.
  • It means we’re going to have a Sipsmith & Tonic to celebrate – a fellow ‘Cool Brand’ just down the road.


What DOESN’T it mean to be a ‘Cool Brand’?

  • It means our prices WON’T go up. We do this because we love it and have a deep love of fairgrounds which we use to inspire our lights. We don’t do this because an accountant says you could make a few quid. We genuinely mean that. We left good jobs to do something that sets our hearts racing and puts a big smile on our faces.
  • It means our lights AREN’T just for the Rich & Famous. We design and produce Feature Lights for everyone, and we love doing one for someone who’s got a great idea for a centrepiece light in their Living Room just as much as anyone else.