Carousel Lights x Sons Of Wolves = Summer Collection 2015

Sons of Wolves Collaboration

Jeremy Harnell, the California-born artist behind the Sons Of Wolves studio, and Carousel Lights have come together to produce three exclusive Feature Lights. These striking lights are perfectly suited to Homes, Bars, Restaurants – anywhere with a touch of style and individuality.

Ice Cold Lightbox
A bold interpretation of the classic British Ice-Cream Van. Lit by fluorescent tubes from behind, this Feature Light has an original retro glow to it. The red aluminium frame picks up and accentuates the red from the ice cream van in a vivid manner. This light looks beautiful as a print when not switched on, and really comes to life when lit up.
Ready to plug into 240V UK socket.
W700mm x H700mm x D90mm.
Sunshine Showers lightbox
It’s not a proper English Summer without a mix of Sunshine & Showers. A bright pink outline gives a ray of hope to the sun, cloud and raindrops, whilst the yellow aluminium casing gives a nod to the sun triumphing over the rain. This is a stunning lightbox that could sit pride-of-place in any British home.
Ready to plug into 240V UK socket.
W700mm x H700mm x D90mm.
Beach Huts Lightbox
Brighton? Bournemouth? Skegness? They all scream one thing – Beach Huts. This graphic interpretation of the classic British Beach Hut consists of 16 beach huts sitting uniformly next to each other as they would on the seafront. The design comes to life beautifully when backlit with the 2 vertical fluorescent tubes. The blue aluminium casing gives a bold statement to the subtler beach hut design.
This larger lightbox has a retro feel to it and would bring any home (or beach hut) to life with an extremely stylish twist.
Ready to plug into 240V UK socket.
W700mm x H700mm x D90mm.

About The Collection

Carousel Lights designs and produces lights using predominantly neon, fairground light sand Lightboxes. They also collaborate with talented artists to produce unique Feature Lights to add a stylish touch to homes, offices, bars, restaurants and commercial areas.

With our first collaboration we wanted to produce designs that represented our take on the quintessential British Summer. To us that meant the sounds of an Ice Cream Van chiming in the distance as we run after it, pockets full of change. Escaping the midday heat in a Beach Hut in Brighton, and of course a symbol we’re all too familiar with in the summer, Sunshine & Showers. We hope with our collaboration with Carousel Lights, these Lightboxes will make everyday feel like the middle of Summer.

About Jeremy Harnell

Sons of Wolves is a UK based design studio founded in 2014 by California-born artist Jeremy Harnell. Specialising in print and apparel collections featuring bold illustrations influenced by media, pop culture and nostalgia.

Sons of Wolves products are sold and exhibited internationally, as well as producing bespoke designs for clients such as John Lewis, King & McGaw, Glyndebourne Opera, Tate, and The National Gallery.