We've got everything you'll need

Spare Components

If you’d like to build your own fairground lights we’ve got everything you need. With cabochons, fittings, bulbs and transformers you’ll be all set to get cracking! Dimmers and flashing units are available and dependent on the load of your particular light. Contact us for more information!

Fairground Cabochons
– Available in E14 (60mm) and E10 (40mm) sizes
– Colours are Clear, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, Opal, Fuchsia, Purple
Cabochon Fittings

– Available for both E14 and E10 cabochons
– Spike holder and screw base mean no need to strip cable

Fairground LEDs
– E14 bulbs available in 24v, 60V and 240v
– E10 bulbs available in 24v and 60v
– Colours are pure white and warm white
– Transformers available for 24v
– Dimmers and flashing units also available: contact us for details!