The Satellite style of light is beautiful in the way it mixes simplicity with the highest quality manufacturing. Being manufactured from brushed stainless steel, it has a sleek appearance that has proven to be a real show-stopper whenever anyone has seen it.


Commercial Lighting

Features of Satellite style

  • Lamp sitting proud
  • Brushed steel base
  • From £395

Vintage Lights


  • Illuminated letters
  • Illuminated numbers
  • Illuminated shapes

Commercial Lighting


Height Options for Satellite Style

All illuminated letters, numbers and shapes are available in either 350mm or 800mm high. For the arrow, these sizes apply to the width of the shape.

Satellite Style

As with all the different styles of light, Satellite is available in the complete range of letters numbers and shapes, and is available as either 500mm or 1 metre high.

If you’re looking for something that exudes the best of manufacturing quality and that has high-impact, then Satellite could be your cup of tea.

Commercial Lighting

Commercial Lighting

Heritage & Design

Having been known under various names overseas (Mexican Hat, Razzle Dazzle & Hully Gully), Ivan Bennett started manufacturing this ride in 1965 under licence from the US company Chance. The ride became extremely popular in Germany under its name ‘Trabant’, and as such, it launched in the UK under the English translation of ‘Satellite’.

The idea behind Satellite was one of complete simplicity underlying a clever notion of apparent erraticness. Steel cars were fixed to a rotating base, and the cars rose and dived as the whole ride rotated.

The Satellite style of light consists of lamps that sit proud, reflecting the cars that sat on the ride. In recognition of the materials used to produce Bennett’s original ride, the base is manufactured from stainless steel which has retained a brushed effect as a nod to the scuffed appearance that would occur around the cars on the ride as children (and adults alike) scrambled to get their seat for the next ride.