Thought neon wasn't practical? It is Now!

Neon Ultra

NeonUltra is the replacement material for real neon. With the same effect and impact as real neon, NeonUltra has the advantages of being robust and low voltage, dimmable and able to work off DMX. Suddenly all those places you dreamt of putting neon but never could are now possible!

NeonUltra can be used in Commercial Design in positions where breakage used to be a concern. NeonUltra can be moved easily and runs off low voltages making it a viable option for Events, Festivals, TV and Set Design where logistics used to be a problem. Contact us to find out more and to receive a quote!

NeonUltra Liberation
NeonUltra Dua Lipa

NeonUltra Lounge Bar

How is it different to real neon?

What are the benefits of NeonUltra?

Made of Acrylic:
Non-fragile, lightweight – a logistical dream to hang, move and store. Internal and external use.
Incorporates LEDs:
Low voltage (24v) makes it energy efficient and safer than real neon. Nice and neat – no need for a transformer or fireman’s switch.
Mount not required:
It can hang from fishing wire to keep the look super slick.
“Overlaps” are possible:
Loop effects are possible without a break in the material.
Brightness can be changed in line with ambient light levels.
Bring things bang up to date with the latest light changing technology.

NeonUltra Hed Kandi

Neon Ultra Hed Kandi
NeonUltra Hed Kandi
NeonUltra Stabilo
NeonUltra Love
NeonUltra Heart
NeonUltra Ribeye