One of the simplest rides has led us to develop a cost-effective style of light in the simplest of fairground forms. Cabaochons sit within a brushed steel tray, whilst a gold dibond inlay allows the lamps to reflect out of the mount. This is a stunning light.


Commercial Lighting

Features of Meteorite style

  • Clear cabochons
  • Brushed steel & gold tray
  • From £345

Vintage Lights


  • Illuminated letters
  • Illuminated numbers
  • Illuminated shapes

Commercial Lighting


Height Options for Meteorite Style

All illuminated letters, numbers and shapes are available in either 350mm or 800mm high. For the arrow, these sizes apply to the width of the shape.

Meteorite Style

The launch of Meteorite was an exciting development for us as we’d been looking to develop a cheaper priced light but whilst keeping our manufacturing in the UK. This always proves tricky.

Eventually we got there and have designed an extremely clean product. The cabochons sit on a gold dibond inlay that reflects the light beautifully out of the brushed steel tray. This light, as with all others, is available in various shapes and sizes.

Commercial Lighting

Commercial Lighting

Heritage & Design

The concept of the Meteorite rides, also known as Asteroid or the Gravity Wheel, stood as a novelty idea for more than 20 years. Whilst showmen liked the idea of it, there was thought that the general public would be averse to boarding a ride where centrifugal force alone kept them pinned within the confines of the cage.

Manson and Emde were the first showmen to bring the ride to the UK in 1958, and only 55 of these rides were made in the UK before production came to an end in 1982.