Light up letters, numbers & shapes in five iconic styles

Illuminated Letters, Numbers & Shapes

There are 5 different styles of light in our main range. Each has a specific look to it which is deeply rooted in the iconic fairground ride that inspired it.

Each style can be produced in any letter, number, heart, arrow or star – for instance you may choose a rusty letter W or a neon Arrow. Each character and shape is available at either 350mm or 800mm high and comes wired to a standard 3 pin plug.

If you require a different size or need your characters to be a different colour or altered in any other way please contact us and we can custom make them for you.

Meteorite – Fairground lights sit in brushed steel

Illuminated letters

Clear cabochons sit within a brushed steel surround whilst a gold dibond inlay allows the lamps to reflect out of the mount. Based on Meteorite, one of the simplest fairground rides, this light was developed to be an equally simple and yet very effective as well as cost-effective style of fairground light.

This is a stunning light and one that fits wonderfully into all surroundings.

Buy Meteorite from £345

Satellite – Fairground lights sit proud on brushed steel

Fairground letters

Manufactured from brushed stainless steel with traditional fairground lamps that sit proud on the surface of the letter, the Satellite style of light has a sleek appearance and is beautiful in the way it mixes simplicity with the highest quality manufacturing.

If you’re looking for something that exudes the best of manufacturing quality and that has high-impact, then Satellite could be your cup of tea.

Buy Satellite from £345

Helter Skelter – Traditional bulbs set in rusty steel

Rusty illuminated letters

This light has tons of character and is made using a high-quality rusted steel which reflects the battering Helter Skelter rides endured from the elements.

Very vintage in style, the individual bulbs sit protected by a rusted side return in the same way that riders were held safely in place by the sides of the slide as they flew down. This is one of our most popular illuminated letters and has proved to stand the test of time.

Buy Helter Skelter from £395

Waltzer – Fairground lights set on deco-style steel

Art deco illuminated letters

The Art Deco inspired design of this light incorporates a polished stainless steel base with red and clear bulbs.  The unique raised red trim is an exact match to the paint in Thurston’s original Waltzer ride – Mason Ayres Red.

The use of cabochons with swirl-effect caps echoes the motion of the ride, whilst the colour of the lights themselves gives a nod to the ride’s more traditional roots. A light that we hope Charles Thurston would have been proud of.

More about Waltzer from £595

Dodgem – Neon set in black steel trough

Neon letters and numbers

The Dodgem style of light is all about neon and personalisation. Just as you picked the best looking bumper car to ride in, you can choose your preferred colour of neon.

It will be mounted inside a black surround that’s representative of the dodgem track. Neon gives a unique glow to any room and the stylised effect of this light makes every character and shape looks fantastic!

Buy Dodgem from £595

Shapes and Bulb Placement

All of the styles above are available in the following shapes. Each shape is available at either 350mm or 800mm high. If you need a specific size, colour, font or would like us to make any other changes, please contact us and we can make them bespoke for you.