Enhance your home with a touch of style

Home Interiors

How about adding a touch of personality and flair to your home with an uber-cool feature light! Neon and fairground lights can be made to suit any style – vintage, quirky, super modern – and will make your home an inspiration and the talk of your friends!

At Carousel Lights we pride ourselves on quality and style. All of our lights are handmade by British craftsmen who understand the importance of great materials, detail and a perfect finish. Our lights are works of art. Your home is a reflection of you as an individual and as a family. We can help put your personal stamp on to a room, that final touch, that oozes style and gives your home that wow factor!

Your own bespoke feature light

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Residential lights

Residential neon

Got an idea for a light you’d like us to create? Brief us! Want something cool & eyecatching but not sure where to start? We can help! Here are some ideas:

Turn handwriting into neon. Copy a loved one’s letter or write your favourite phrase?
Create a keepsake for your kids. Turn their name into a bedside light?
Bring your favourite style to life. Vintage? Americana? Deco? Bling? We design in any style.
Surprise your partner. “Marry me?” in neon?
How about shapes? Arrows, hearts, diamonds – you name it.

Off-the-shelf lights

Illuminated letters, numbers and shapes make great table lamps and features. They also act as keepsakes – the initials that illuminated the top table at your wedding now serve as your bedside lamps!

Wooden letter

Clown light
Illuminated letters
Fairground letters

Light up your homewares

Why not add a touch of light to your existing pieces? Turn an ordinary mirror into a cabaret mirror, an old hat into a table lamp or a reclaimed glass topped coffee table into a neon feature. We can bring any mundane homewares roaring back to life!

Top hat

Neon arrow
Cabaret mirror
Antique light