Ever wanted your very own Helter Skelter?

Helter Skelter_Milky_onHot on the heels of Satellite, we’ve been keeping something up our sleeve – that something is called ‘Helter Skelter‘. This is the third style of light in the Carousel Lights range and is the shabby chic vintage light that now sits in the stable alongside the deco-style Waltzer and the more modern & sleek Satellite.

Helter Skelter’s finish is a rust-effect, reflecting the months, years and decades that these rides stood on the end of piers, exposed to the elements and taking more than their fair share of battering.

Just like all the other lights in the range, Helter Skelter is available in a range of characters and shapes, and if you’ve always fancied yourself as a Helter Skelter owner then here’s your chance. Drop us a note to say hello and we’ll give you a call back to chat about fairground rides, piers, oh yes, and even lights!

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