Carousel Represents: Bryan

British, b. 1982. A fusion of Urban Spirit and Neon Mastery. Bryan, the enigmatic British artist based between Tokyo and London, embodies the pulsating energy of these metropolises in his captivating art. Inspired by the luminous allure of Tokyo’s neon-lit streets and the gritty urban walls of London, Bryan seamlessly merges the worlds of street art and traditional neon craftsmanship, operating under the cloak of a single-word pseudonym that echoes the simplicity of his artistic vision. He’s a very naughty boy.

With a rebellious spirit as his guiding force, Bryan has spent years experimenting with materials, culminating in a distinctive style that defies convention. His mission? To catapult the age-old craft of glass bending into a new epoch of artistic expression.

Each creation by Bryan is a testament to his unparalleled skill in transmuting inert gases and mundane spray cans into dynamic manifestations of his boundless imagination. Having honed his craft in the open air of bustling streets, Bryan now channels his expertise onto internal substrates, maintaining his signature style while exploring new dimensions.

At the heart of Bryan’s work lies a sense of controlled chaos—an electrifying fusion of order and spontaneity. Traditional neon overlays infuse his pieces with an element of raw excitement, each luminescent line pulsating with its own distinct vitality.

Bryan’s tumultuous upbringing, marked by adversity, serves as both catalyst and muse, fuelling his relentless creativity. While he may not have invented urban art, Bryan’s innovative approach often leads observers to believe otherwise, a testament to the transformative power of his craft.

Bryan’s art invites viewers to immerse themselves in a captivating dialogue between light and form, where the boundaries between tradition and innovation blur into a mesmerising symphony of colour and energy.

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Sophie Ellis Bextor testimonial

"The light looks INCREDIBLE! We are so happy with it and I really appreciate how beautifully made it is." Sophie

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Singer

Barclaycard Arena testimonial

"A HUGE thank-you! You'ce created such a 'wow-factor' light installation that's far better than we could ever have imagined. Everyone has been so professional and helpful every step of the way!"

Event Manager NEC Barclaycard Arena

Harvey Nichols testimonial

Thank you so much for the light - it looked AMAZING! We've decided to keep it up and it'll no doubt stay there!

Event Manager Harvey Nichols

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